The CIA Just Tweeted In Russian And No Ones Really Sure Why

The CIA caused a bit of a stir earlier after tweeting in Russian. The translation revealed it to be a quote by the influential Russian author Boris Pasternak.

Translated, the quote reads:

"I wrote the novel in order for it to be published and read, and it remains my only desire - Pasternak"

The CIA has since posted another tweet explaining a little more.

The 'Book Program' was a secret CIA program that helped to distribute banned books within the Soviet Union while also allowing banned books to exit the country and be published in the wider world.

Pasternak was one such author that reportedly had his book distributed by the CIA. Indeed 'Doctor Zhivago' was so controversial that an enraged Communist Party of the Soviet Union forced the author to turn down his Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958.

Although Pasternak was never able to accept the prize within his lifetime, his family reportedly accepted it again on his behalf in 1988.

Of course another theory is that the account had been hacked, though again it's unclear as to why hackers would want to publish something that is neither a positive or negative statement about the intelligence agency.

The CIA's Twitter account is at times humorous, other times cryptic and at all times something to be watched closely and examined.