15/01/2015 09:59 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Royal Baby: Diana And Edward Are Most Popular Baby Names


Prince William and Kate might want to pay attention to a new a survey which reveals that Britons' top picks for a name for the new royal baby are firmly traditional, including Edward, Henry, Victoria and Elizabeth. Most surprisingly, perhaps, the number one choice of baby name for a girl was Diana, presumably after William's mother. It's perhaps a little too politically touchy within Buckingham Palace to be a likely name choice, but one which would clearly get the popular vote.

The results suggest that while the 'People's Princess' has been gone for almost 18 years, she a long way from being forgotten.

But the survey respondents clearly didn't only have Princess Di on their minds. The second most popular choice was Elizabeth. "I think Elizabeth would be the best name for a Royal Princess," explained one of the women surveyed. "Queen Elizabeth is soon to be the longest reigning monarch in British history and it would be a fitting tribute to name one of the next generation of royals after her."

The other three top choices for a new princess also paid tribute to iconic British queens - Anne, Victoria and Mary (hopefully after Mary, Queen of Scots rather than Mary 'Bloody Mary' Tudor...), proving that the tastes of the public remain staunchly conservative when it comes to the names of their royal family.

Will and Kate have so far stayed mum on their name shortlist for baby number two, due in April, but given that they opted for the quintessentially royal 'George' the first time round, we probably shouldn't hold our breath for a baby Brayden or Jade...

The survey of 600 UK mums was carried out by babywear brand My1stYears. You can see the full list and percentages below:

1. Diana – 34
3. Anne – 17
5. Mary – 12
2. Henry – 23
4. Charles – 15