15/01/2015 12:35 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Valentine's Day Gifts: 8 Of The Best Unisex Perfumes

What could be more romantic than a Valentine's Day gift made for sharing?


Whether you're stuck on what to buy the man in your life, or sickly sweet feminine fragrances aren't your thing, there are some brilliant perfumes out there that are meant to be worn by women and men.

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Best of all, these perfumes are unique. They mix florals (traditionally meant for the ladies) and musk (the go-to note in masculine perfumes) and often include oriental, spicy notes. They can be powerful but can be worn through all seasons plus borrowing from the boys means you'll probably be the only girl in the room wearing it.

Here are 8 of our favourite unisex perfumes:

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