Homophobic Subway Preacher Drowned Out By Passenger's Willy Wonka Song

Homophobic Preacher Drowned Out By Passenger Belting Out A Willy Wonka Song

You know what it’s like – you’re on the train and someone starts shouting, swearing, grumbling, or generally making a nuisance of themselves and worrying passengers.

Or as in this case on the New York City Subway on Wednesday, starts preaching about Sodom and Gomorrah.

But as the majority of travellers averted their eyes or turned up their iPhones, one man decided to drown out the barrage by belting out a rendition of The Golden Ticket.

Rob Maiale decided to go head-to-head with the preacher

Footage of the incident was posted to YouTube, along with the explanation the cameraman had stopped the video before the NYPD got on and escorted the preacher off the train.

Singer Rob Maiale, who at one point was filmed clicking his heels together with joy, was tracked down by the Gothamist.

He said: “I was riding the M train on my way to work when this guy (who I've seen haranguing riders before) begins preaching to passengers.

“At first he was going on about people having sex outside of wedlock, okay fine. Next he began denouncing same sex relationships...unpopular opinion and a bit irritating, but again, 1st Amendment. I didn't say anything.

A quick pause to click his heels together, then back to the singing

“Once his 'preaching' shifted from an audience to an individual (a lesbian couple with a child) I decided that this guy wasn't going to get to talk anymore.”

When asked why he chose The Golden Ticket, he replied: “What the man was saying was so absurd and hateful that I figured the most disarming thing would be something equally absurd and joyful.”


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