How To Build Chest Muscles (But Not Look Like The Hulk)

If your pectorals are looking a little peaky then now is the time to do something about it - especially if you're renewing that good old gym membership.

Having healthy-looking pecs, regardless of whether you're male or female, can work wonders for your body as it improves your overall power and movement.

From a visual point of view, they look great too. So what's to lose?

What are pectorals?

Felix Ma, a personal trainer with No 1 Fitness tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle: "Your pectoral muscles simply make up the bulk of the chest.

"They are the four large paired muscles that cover the front of the ribcage and help you to bring your forearms towards the chest."

"Having strengthened pecs means you avoid overcompensating on other smaller muscles such as the front deltoids (shoulders) and triceps when you workout, which in turn helps prevent injury," he adds.

"It also ensures balanced, overall definition."

How to get bigger chest muscles

Personal fitness trainer Joe from Soho Gyms says that it's easy to increase your muscle size using the chest press - a weight-lifting machine found in most gyms.

He explains that before you use a chest press, it's really important that you make sure the equipment is set up properly - so make sure you watch the video for pointers.

After you're set up, begin your chest press repetitions.

Joe points out that if you find you can't do more than eight reps then it's a good idea to reduce the heaviness of the weight you're lifting. After all, you want to be able to actually use your arms the day after, don't you?

Aim to do eight-ten repetitions in three sets and you'll have great chest muscles in no time.

Not got a bench press to hand? Try doing push ups and dips instead!

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