16/01/2015 12:50 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tesco Launches More Affordable Skincare

In February 2014, Tesco launched its own line of moisturisers, scrubs and serums. It was really, really cheap (even cheaper than Aldi's) and when the MyDaily team sampled the £1 night cream, we were surprised to find it did in fact do a good job at hydrating our skin.


So, fans of budget beauty will be pleased to hear there are two more skincare collections from the Pro Formula range.

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The Fresh Skin range is formulated with vitamin C, grapefruit and cranberry fruit extracts to refresh and energise the skin plus the star ingredient - acne-busting salicylic acid. The collection includes a facial wash, face scrub, foaming face wash (they're all £2.99) and face wipes (£1.50). Bargain, or what?

The alternative is called Clear Skin. This is aimed at targeting problem prone areas of the complexion and clearing up blemishes. Even if you'd rather not part with your favourite luxury day cream, the £2.99 Soothing Spot Gel has got to be worth a try on bad skin days.

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Find out more about the full Pro Formula ranges at Tesco Beauty and see a few 10 of our affordable skincare favourites in the slideshow below: