Woman Collects Sexist Clippings From Old Magazines - And We Can't Believe Our Eyes

If you think magazines today are full of gender stereotypes and sexist ideals, you should see the kind of things your parents were reading as teenagers.

Writer Kate Long collects sexist clippings from old magazines and newspapers and posts the most shocking on Twitter twice a week.

Although she's been posting the pictures for about three years, we found out about Long's fascinating hobby when she tweeted this letter from The Lady magazine, sent in 1977. It's now been retweeted over 1.2K times.

Long is perhaps best known as the author of The Bad Mother's Handbook. At 50 years old she grew up with titles like Jackie and Mates before taking an interest in more specialist magazines like Spare Rib.

“It’s just a personal hobby, possibly prompted by the fact I was never allowed such magazines as a teenager myself,” she told BuzzFeed.

“In my reading, I’ve been struck by how incredibly sexist we were only a few decades ago, actually in my lifetime.

“I know there is still lots of sexism about, but as we struggle on up the mountain, we need to pause sometimes and look back at how far we've come and what we've left behind.”

Although sexism in the media is clearly still an issue (we're talking to you Page 3), we have to agree with Long - we can't imagine any editor today agreeing to print these articles.

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