UFO Spotted During Apollo 7, Astronauts Redact Truth With Duct Tape


A UFO has been spotted in archive footage of Apollo 7 - the first manned Apollo mission to take astronauts into space and around the Earth.

The unidentified flying object is 'clearly seen' in one of the frames from the mission, UFO fanatics have said.

Their narrative of the events then suggests that the astronauts -- realising what was at stake -- decided they had to hide the truth from the public.

That's when they took out the duct tape.

Sadly censoring technology wasn't what it is today so the astronauts could only use what was at hand, in this case, sticky back plastic.

Having safely blocked the offending object from view, the astronauts then surely breathed a sigh of relief.

This relief would be short-lived, however, as Mission Control would then have almost certainly got in touch saying that while they were enormously grateful for their efforts in keeping the secret, they needn't have bothered because while redaction was still in its infancy, they could you know, just not release the pictures.

Also, it wasn't an alien death craft, because this is real life. UFO hunters have also found aliens in footage of Apollo 12 and Apollo 15. Based on this you would assume space would be literally teeming with Neptunian laser craft. Unfortunately, we've been in space every day for 15 years at this point and not seen a thing. So either the Apollo missions were incredibly lucky, or NASA just has an incredibly large supply of duct tape aboard ISS.

Turns out that was all pointless anyway because both the duct tape and the 'UFO' are plain to see on NASA's website. Now who has egg on their face?

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