20/01/2015 13:24 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Great Ormond Street's Campaign To Reunite Lost Teddy Bear With Owner

Somewhere, right now, a little girl or boy is pining for their lost teddy bear. This teddy - found on a cold, lonely pavement outside London's Great Ormond Street Hospital on Saturday, January 17.


As we all know, a teddy needs its little owner, so now the hospital has launched an online campaign to reunite the brown bear with its no-doubt-heartbroken child.

And thousands have responded to the mission by sharing the appeal across social media.

Great Ormond Street shared a picture of the sad looking bear on its Facebook and Twitter pages, with the post quickly attracting more than 10,000 shares.

Now a #GOSHbear hashtag is being used to help track down the bear's owners on Twitter.

In the meantime, Facebook users have offered their support.

Elaine Prescott wrote: "Be brave, Ted! I'm sure you'll,find your special person, soon. X"

Corrina Robin Feast added: "This reminds me of when Mitchell lost his special Tigger on the way home from gosh when he was little! We scouted as much of the journey as we could then three weeks later (after replacing Tigger with a new 'imposter') we saw it lying at the roadside where we had to pull up so he could have a tinkle!!!!! When goin through treatment and horrible, invasive hospital visits these 'pals' are even more special and cannot be replaced."

John McCarthy empathised: "That is one sad Teddy. I feel it's pain."

But if Ted's owner can't be found, there won't be any shortage of people willing to give him a home.

Charlotte Clemence said: "Happy to adopt and give him a very happy beautiful home if his companion doesn't come forward. My daughter will cherish him and so will I. Golden retriever will carry him everywhere he needs to be."

Do you know the owner? Please get in touch with GOSH.

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