'Super Mario World' Speedrun Record Smashed Using Bizarre Glitch

A gamer has technically 'completed' Super Mario World in just under five minutes - a new world record for a non-emulator session.

SethBling, a competitive 'speedrunner' who attempts to finish video games in the fastest possible time. While you might think this is a simple matter of just being really, really obsessed with practicing the game it's actually a lot more complex. Speedrunners usually rely on glitches built into the games by accident, which when found in the game code and enacted enable them to shave hours (or even just seconds) off their completion time.

SethBling's run on the SNES classic Super Mario World uses a frankly absurd glitch in which Mario has to dismount Yoshi while the lizard stead is eating a coin - which itself was made by a fireball and a green shell.

Once done, the game runs the end credits and the record, technically, is broken.

In his latest run SethBling completes the game in 5 minutes 59 seconds - a new record. Yes, it's nerdy. Yes, it's borderline inexplicable. But it happened. So… hooray.