Sylvester Stallone Takes A Selfie With Tourists On Philadelphia's 'Rocky' Steps

Sylvester Stallone + ‘Rocky' Steps + Tourists = Best Selfie Of All Time

Sylvester Stallone made the steps outside Philadelphia’s Museum of Art famous back when he played Rocky Balboa in the hit 1976 film of the same name.

The site has become something of a pilgrimage to fans who re-enact the boxer’s sweaty sprint with the iconic tune playing in their minds.

So imagine you’re doing just that – and who should you run into but the big man himself?!

Sylvester Stallone poses with fans on the iconic 'Rocky' steps

Well that’s exactly what happened to this group of friends earlier this week.

"He said to us, 'Man, you guys are fast. You're making me look bad,'" Peter Rowe told AP.

Then came what AP called the "knockout photo".

Rocky Balboa jumping for joy in the 1976 film

Stallone posed with Rowe, a recent graduate of Azusa Pacific University in California, and friends from the school, Jacob Kerstan and Andrew Wright. Rowe called the experience "unreal".

You can say that again!

Stallone was in the city to film 'Creed' – another instalment in the Rocky saga.

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