'Brand Killer' Is AdBlock For Real Life

This VR App Can Hide Advertising From The Real World

Adverts are a modern fact of life.

Except online of course - internet tinkerers have long provided means to remove or block ads from the web as you browse.

Well now someone is trying to bring that to the real world.

Brand Killer is a new AR concept which can block advertisements and brand news from products, in real time.

The idea is to equip a pair of augmented reality glasses (now where would we find a pair of those?)

with software that can literally pixelate any kind of packaging.

The inventors - developers Jonathan Dublin, Reed Rosenbluth, Tom Catullo and Alex Crits-Christoph say that they want to experiment with freeing consumers from "the excesses of corporate branding".

"Brand Killer is a custom built head mounted display which uses openCV image processing to recognize and block brands and logos from the user's point of view in real time," they write.

"It's AdBlock for Real Life."

The device was submitted to the PennApps Winter 2015 hackathon, at the University of Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately it didn't win a prize, but it's picked up some notice online anyway - perhaps enough to get a campaign going on a crowd-funding site, chaps? Either way, it's an interesting use of AR tech which -- given the inevitable impact on the advertising economy -- will help to hasten the end of civilisation in exactly the way we predicted HoloLens will.

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