'How To Make Toast' Is The Most Pointless Tutorial On YouTube

When you first see the title "How To Make Toast From Bread", you think it's a spoof.

But it's not.

This woman is actually being serious.

She has really posted a completely non-jokey video to YouTube about how to put bread into a toaster. It's a bit old, but we thought it deserved to be dredged up.

It's not even like she's an actor - she's got a dazed look on her face that tells us she's being absolutely serious (even if she's not too good in front of a camera).

The video comes from the same channel that thinks we need advice on how to cut carrots (Step one: cut them. Step two: don't stab yourself in the face) or how to freeze a tomato (Step one: put it in the freezer. Step two: make sure freezer is turned on).

Has this whole "internet" thing finally gone too far?