Benedict Cumberbatch's Comments About 'Coloured' Actors Have Landed Him In Trouble On Twitter


Benedict Cumberbatch is facing a backlash after referring to “coloured” actors in an interview.


The ‘Sherlock’ actor was giving his feelings on race in the film industry, when he admitted that he thought it was a lot easier for black actors to land a role in America rather than in the UK.

Benedict Cumberbatch

All good so far, right?

However, what he said next has caused a stir online, thanks to his use of the now-antiquated term “coloured” (perhaps he’s been taking advice from Ken Morley about what terms are acceptable in 2015...).

“I don’t want to get into any debates about that, but it’s clear when you see certain migratory patterns that there are more opportunities here than in the UK.”

His use of “coloured” hasn’t gone unnoticed by Twitter users, who have expressed their disdain with his use of the term.

Last November, he announced his engagement to Sophie Hunter, who is currently expecting their first child.

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