‘Celebrity Big Brother': Perez Hilton Launches Angry Tirade At Katie Hopkins Before Staging A Walkout (PICS)

Perez Hilton has been involved in even more drama in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, and now, he’s left the show - well, the other housemates think he has.

After yet more rows, shouting and fighting, Perez staged a walkout at the request of the Channel 5 bosses, in scenes that will be aired in tonight’s show.

Perez is now spying on the celebs from a secret safehouse

A statement issued by Channel 5 on Sunday explained: "Earlier today, Big Brother asked Perez to stage a fake walkout of the Big Brother house.

"Perez will be living in secret while the other housemates are blissfully unaware of his ongoing influence on the events within the house."

Perez’s most recent clashes have been with Katie Hopkins, and he left the former ‘Apprentice’ star visibly upset when he told her: “If I was one of your children I'd kill myself.”

Katie and Perez haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye

However when Katie retorted, telling Perez that her kids loved her and had the benefit of two parents, unlike his son, the blogger replied: “How dare you bring my child into this?”

While Perez’s walkout has been staged, three of this year’s stars have left the show without an eviction.

So far, only Chloe Goodman and Alicia Douvall have left after losing the public vote.

Tensions are also rising between a number of the other housemates, including Katie Price and Calum Best, while Kavana’s outbursts have also shocked the stars.

Watch ‘CBB’ on Channel 5 tonight to see Perez leave the house.

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