Doomsday Asteroid's Moon Is In Fact UFO Say Conspiracy Theorists


When asteroid 2004 BL86 skimmed past Earth, no one could have predicted the incredible images that then followed. It turned out that the asteroid had its own moon.

Or does it? No, it really does.

Of course that hasn't stopped a certain conspiracy-led community from claiming that the moon is in fact a UFO, hitching a ride with the asteroid as it continues on its enormous journey through our solar system.

While the images might appear blurry to you and us they are in fact more than enough for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to identity both the objects as rock, good old fashioned space rock.

Sadly there's no alien ship, no as yet undiscovered metal surface and no aliens. Which when you think about it is actually something of a shame.

Imagine the disappointment (and probable relief) if Obi-Wan revealed that indeed 'It was just a moon'.

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