US Intelligence Worker Drunkenly Crashes Drone Onto White House Lawn

A drone that crashed on the White House lawn on Monday 26 January has been revealed as belonging to a US Intelligence worker who drunkenly lost control of the UAV.

That's right, a drunk guy essentially crashed a drone into his own office.

The incredible revelation was first reported in the New York Times which confirms that the Secret Service had revealed the identity -- although not the name -- of the person responsible for the worrying incident.

According to White House officials the employee had gone home, had a few drinks and then at some stage lost sight of the drone which then led to a loss of control.

Having seen it heading in the direction of the White House the employee reportedly texted some friends about the incident, concerned about its possible whereabouts. Of course it wasn't until the next morning when he saw in the news that his crashed drone was being treated as a major incident because it had, in fact, landed on the White House lawn.

Now full credit must go to the employee because at this stage he immediately called his superiors at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and has been fully cooperating with the investigation since.

While the incident itself is thankfully harmless it has raised serious questions about the protective measures in place to defend the White House from small quadcopters.