02/02/2015 04:20 GMT | Updated 02/02/2015 04:59 GMT

'EastEnders' Legend Pam St Clement Discusses Her First Lesbian Relationship Behind Her Husband's Back, In New Autobiography

EastEnders’ legend Pam St Clement has spoken about how a lesbian fling behind her husband’s back changed her life forever.


Pam, who is bisexual, has admitted that she fell for a woman during a trip to Australia while she was in her 30s, even though she was still married to her ex-husband at the time.

Writing about her stay in Sydney in her fabulously-titled upcoming autobiography ‘The End Of An Earring’ - which is currently being serialised in The Mirror - she writes: “The distance allowed me an objective view of my marriage - especially after we landed in Sydney. It was a pretty gay city even then, a mecca of fun and outrageous alternativeness.

pam st clements

Pam St Clement

“I fell, not for some bush-whacking hunk, but for a woman. It was a time of discovery and abandon, of excitement and freedom. I wanted to woo and be wooed and felt no guilt.

“For the first time an unexpected emotion hit me like a bombshell, its shockwave engulfing me.”

She goes on to write that she was so distraught at saying goodbye to the woman she’d fallen for that she “nearly missed her plane”, adding: “I was so bereft at leaving.

“That month in Sydney went all too quickly and we were soon saying our farewells at the airport with promises of reunions back in the UK.”

Pam is best known for playing former-prostitute-turned-bookies-worker Pat Butcher in ‘EastEnders’, a role she played for over 25 years.

Although the character was killed off in 2012, fans of the BBC soap can look forward to seeing the actress back on screen with Barbara Windsor in a new mini-series, where the pair will be looking back on some of the best Albert Square moments.

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