02/02/2015 05:59 GMT | Updated 02/02/2015 06:59 GMT

McDonald's Will Accept 'Lovin' As A Form Of Payment

Fast food giant McDonald's begin their latest promotional campaign on Monday, when staff will be accepting "Lovin'" as payment for certain menu items.

Lucky customers will be randomly selected to pay with a heartwarming message to their parents or an embrace with a stranger.

The international restaurant chain announced the strange new policy in a Super Bowl ad on Sunday, and even published your odds of being chosen on its website.

It could be anything from a fist bump with the cashier to spouting a list of what you love about your family members, but don't expect to be offered the chance at a motorway service station any time soon.

The campaign is only open in the United States, running until 14 February from 6am to 6pm. UK fast food lovers still have to pay with actual money, not hugs.

Presumably in an attempt to piggyback on other highly shareable marketing trends, this competition follows a patch of dwindling global sales for McDonald's.

Similar advertising strategies aimed at social media users include Starbucks always getting your name wrong on your mocha, and Coke printing incredibly bizarre names on its bottles, even though you can never find "Dan" or "Sarah" in the supermarket fridges.


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