03/02/2015 12:12 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Jak Trueman, 15, Has Died Two Days After Fulfilling His Last Wish To Take His Girlfriend To The School Prom


A teenager has died two days after fulfilling his last wish to take his girlfriend to the school prom.

The tragic news was broken on Facebook by 15-year-old Jak Trueman's mum Allison, 44, who said she is 'devastated and heartbroken'.

Jak was applauded by tearful classmates at the school dance which was organised at the last minute after doctors broke the news that he was dying last week.

Thousands have now paid tribute to the courageous teenager who kept his promise to take long-term girlfriend Hannah Boyd, 14, to West Calder High's prom in West Lothian, Scotland.

His mother wrote on his Facebook page Jak's Journey: "Devastated and heartbroken to say my beautiful boy's gone to Heaven, God bless.

"Jak I am the proudest Mummy ever. Simply the best."

His long-term girlfriend Hannah also posted four hearts on the Facebook page after hearing the news that he had passed away.

Jak's condition deteriorated rapidly over the last couple of days and he needed pain relief to be able to attend his prom.

He could only stay for 10 minutes at the dance which was held at Livingston Football Club near his home in Mid Calder as he started to feel unwell.

After the event he wrote a message saying: "I would just like to make a massive apology for me only turning up and then having to go again.

"I was gutted and really sad as I never spoke to anyone, but I took really unwell really quickly as I had been lying in bed for three days without hardly moving.

"Thank you to everyone who organised it and came along, even just knowing it was all happening for me makes me smile."

Jak had terminal T-Cell Lymphoma, diagnosed last August. He was due to take more treatment until scans showed early last week the cancer had spread throughout his body.

Allison, 44, said afterwards: "We will just take it minute by minute hour by hour.

"The prom was about my boy and Hannah. He managed to make the evening for 10 minutes through wonderful courage and determination.

"Jak and Hannah are exceptionally close and I think it is absolutely magical that the school brought the prom forward."

Jak has vowed to dedicate the rest of his days to raising money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and well-wishers have already pledged more than £33,000.

The teenager broke the news about being terminal his Facebook page saying: "Well, that's it. Worse case scenario has happened. I have been preparing myself for this answer all day although it still came hard to take.

"My very experienced Doctors and Professors have looked at the PET scan from today and the disease has spread into all my bones and organs.

"They have decided not to go any further with any more treatment."

He added: "I am so sorry to give everyone this horrible news but there's no other way to put it.

"I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and everyone who has helped me over the past 6 months, they have tried their best for me."

To donate to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, visit Jak's JustGiving page.

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