03/02/2015 11:01 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

New Photos Released: Frozen Fever To Be Screened In UK On April 3


Get ready for your kids to go bonkers: a sequel to Frozen is to be released at Easter.

Producers have released a sneak preview of stills from the seven-minute film.

And according to the actor who plays Olaf the snowman, it features an even more infuriatingly catchy song that Let It Go from the original.

Frozen Fever reunites the cast, characters, directors and even songwriters of the original 2013 Disney blockbuster.

It will be screened ahead of Disney's Cinderella on April 3 in the UK – but it's certain to re-capture the hearts of Frozen's huge fan base.


Co-director Chris Buck told USA Today: "It's another side of Elsa the audience hasn't seen before and we hadn't really played with in the original feature."

The new movie sees Princess Anna's plans to put on a birthday party for Elsa ruined, after the snow queen catches a cold.

Co-director Jennifer Lee said: "Elsa doesn't get a cold in the usual way. She's special. Surprising things occur that wreak a little havoc."

Josh Gad, who plays Olaf, added: "We continue this story of these two sisters, who only had each other growing up together. They are still supporting each other. That's what this is about."

And talking about its signature song, Josh said: "If history is any indicator, kids will go nuts."

Husband and wife duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez - who were responsible for the Oscar-winning song Let It Go - have teamed up again to create another hit for fans.

Jennifer Lee previously apologised to parents for the sing-a-long.


She told The Hollywood Reporter: "A year ago, I'd meet people who, when they found out who I was, they'd say, 'Oh, we love the songs! We sing them all the time'. Now they're like, 'Yep, we're still listening to those songs. I've gone from, 'Thank you', to, 'Sorry!'."

Both Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel are also back on board, voicing the roles of Princess Anna and Princess Elsa respectively.

The original movie took over a billion dollars at the global box office, and is the most successful animated movie of all time, so it's no wonder the filmmakers have reunited for the project.

The news of the short-film was first revealed in September last year, and there has been continued speculation that Disney is working on a proper full-length sequel to the movie.

However, the studio is yet to confirm any official plans.