03/02/2015 11:02 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Must-Have Toys Of 2015


Every year children hanker after a new set of 'must-have' toys as the latest playground craze takes hold and they realise they simply can't live without a new [insert name of toy you will spend the next six months petrified of losing].

Last year children's birthday and Christmas lists were dominated by LEGO, Frozen and loom bands. But what will kids be pestering their parents for this year?

At the Toy Fair 2015, toy makers revealed the toys and games they're preparing to release this year.

As usual the manufacturers have pushed the boat out to make a multitude of toys that are more high tech, more flashy, more noisy and, of course, more covetable than ever before.

But in amongst the interactive teddies, colouring in that comes alive via an app, Big Hero 6 figures and selfie jewellery, there were also an increasing number of retro toys, which are sure to elicit a nostalgic smile from many a mum and dad. Care Bears are back! And (unlike the slimmed down My Little Ponys) they're thankfully not much changed.

So what will you be scouring the shops to find this year? Have a look through our gallery below to get ahead of the curve and avoid having to go to extreme measures when the latest object of your child's affections predictably sells out in days.

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