04/02/2015 10:36 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Listen To Five-Year-Old's Amazing 999 Call After Mum Collapsed

A five-year-old girl kept her cool to make a dramatic 999 call to save her mum's life after she collapsed at home.
Police handout

Sienna Aderley stayed calm on the phone and looked after her one-year-old brother Ryley as she led police to the property in Rugby, Warwickshire, as their mum Katie lay unconscious.

Paramedics rushed to the scene and, thankfully, Katie has made a full recovery.

Sienna's remarkable actions have been praised by officers from Rugby West Safer Neighbourhood Team and she is to be officially commended for 'her tremendous courage' during an assembly at her school.

PC James Graham, who attended the incident, said: "Police officers from Rugby Response and Safer Neighbourhoods Team attended an incident reported by a 999 call.

"The caller was five year old Sienna reporting that her mum was ill. That in its self is amazing but she also stayed on the line while checking her mum and looking after her younger brother.

"All the attending officers thought she was fantastic and a super star.

"She just took it all in her stride. She deserves recognition for her actions and her parents are rightly proud of her."

PC Graham said police would 'encourage other parents to teach their children from an early age, how and when they should call 999, as this incident show's how vital it can be should an emergency arise'.

He added: "Sienna used the 999 service, exactly how it is meant to be

This is a transcript of Sienna's call:

Sienna: "(Crying) I tried to wake her up but she's not"

Police emergency operator: "You're trying to wake her up but you can't?"

S: "Yes"

Police: "Ok Sienna, we'll try to get somebody round there straight...where's mummy now is she upstairs in bed?"

S: "Collapsed on the floor...and now she's shaking"

Police: "Alright Sienna stay on the line for me, so where's mummy now then?"

S: "Still in the kitchen shaking."

Police: "Is she lying on the floor is she?"

S: "Yes?"

Police: "Alright Sienna, you keep talking to me. Are you able to open the door if the police get there to let them in?"

S: "No"

Police: "Is daddy there?"

S: "No he's at work."

Sienna can then be heard in tears.

Police: "Is mummy talking at all?"

S: "No"

Police: "Ok, just bear with me a minute."

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