05/02/2015 13:07 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Christy Turlington On The Key To A Happy Marriage

Christy Turlington is fronting Editorialist's Spring/Summer 2015 cover.

In her interview with the New York glossy she talks that infamous modelling career, her global non-profit organisation Every Mother Counts, motherhood and her marriage.


On the marriage front, the 46-year-old supermodel reveals exactly how she keep things going with her husband of 10 years, actor Ed Burns,

Spoiler: they don't share a bathroom.

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"Years ago I put one of my Calvin underwear posters on the back of my husband's bathroom door," she told the magazine. "It's still there and I tease him about it."

As for what she meant by "his bathroom", Christy revealed that in the Turlington Burns household, they have his and her bathrooms.

"He has his own bathroom. It's the key to a successful marriage."

Note taken. In other Christy and Ed trivia, did you know that Christy's sister Kelly is married to Ed's brother Brian? We love this.

Editorialist hits newsstands on 5 February.

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