Half-Life 3 Could Be Confirmed At GDC 2015

Will We Finally Get To See Half-Life 3?

Half-Life 3 is something that the gaming has never had before: it's probably the most anticipated game ever and yet there's not a shred of official proof to say it's real.

Well fear not, because the agonising wait could soon be over. Valve has confirmed that it will be showing off its next generation graphics platform glNext.

According to GDC, the company will be using live technical demos to showcase the new standard which means they'll be using actual games, and by actual games we of course mean Half-Life 3 (probably not).

While it's unlikely that Valve would announce such a game at a graphics performance panel, the fact remains that if it were to be made, Valve would want it to set a visual benchmark for the next-generation of games.

Don't worry though, we have even more proof. For starters there's GDC itself, which as you can see starts with the letter 'G', this combined with the fact that Valve's new software is called 'glNext' which also starts with the letter 'g' can only mean one thing. Gordon.

Meanwhile, using a standard alphabet number code ‘GDC’ = 7 + 4 + 3 = 14

4-1 = 3

Half-Life 3 confirmed.

In case that's not enough evidence for you, then we're afraid you're just going to have to wait and even when GDC does come around you may end up waiting until E3 2015 to actually get the official announcement. Or you know, you won't, because Valve.

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