Myleene Klass Calls Herself 'Courageous Or An Idiot' After School Mums Vent About Her Sharing Presents Correspondence


Earlier in the week, the Classic FM presenter shared on social media another mother's request that, instead of her child being given a load of smaller presents, her classmates contribute £10 each to fund a Kindle.

Myleene's response request was for a unicorn for her daughter, and she suggested they also chip in for a Ferrari and Leonardo DiCaprio for herself, all to be donated at 'getwhatyouregivenandthisismadness.com'.

Myleene Klass is bemused by the reaction to her Instagram posts, calling herself "either courageous or an idiot"

Today, Myleene writes in the Daily Telegraph that this was intended as a jestful response, but it seems the mums have not taken it that way, nor are they pleased that their emails have been shared, leading to some grim faces at the school gate near Myleene's home in North London.

1/2 FYI I have changed the names etc, but this landed in my #inbox #bonkers

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The former HearSay singer has added in her article that her intention was to "stop all these serious, money-focused exchanges and remind parents, all of us under pressure to do the very best for our children, of what birthdays should be all about."

Myleene clarifies that the emails she shared were at least a year old, but she has received "countless" similar ones in the time since. Other mums have since chipped into the discussion, pointing out that a money collection makes a practical solution to the problem of what to get each child.

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Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

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