Apple Watch And Others Banned From University's Exams

Smart watches including the not-yet-released Apple Watch have been banned from University of London exam halls.

The full ban -- which affects all watches, smart or not -- comes after concerns were raised last year that the rise of smartwatches would lead to confusion among members of staff and independent invigilators.

According to a statement given to BuzzFeed UK News, the University has now officially implemented the ban that will affect Android Wear smartwatches including the Moto 360 an the Asus ZenWatch.

"Students are already asked to place mobile phones in a plastic wallet under their desk, so we adopted the same procedure for watches. Students either don’t wear them to an exam venue, or they remove the watch in the venue and place it in the plastic wallet."

It would of course also affect the Apple Watch, despite the fact it won't be released until April 2015.