Girl Moans About Starting New Job On Twitter, Gets Fired Before She Even Starts Work


You know the feeling, you're young and getting a job so you can make a bit of money to splash, but you're not too keen on the job. You're not looking forward to it.

You decide to moan about it on Twitter.

Ranting on social media is fairly normal in this day and age, but tweeter @Cellla_ got fired for it.

She tweeted: "Ew I start this f**k ass job tomorrow" with a series of thumbs-down emojis so you know she's super serious.

A bit later on, her new boss was shown the tweet. Awkward.


And that "f**k ass job" she didnt want to do? It was sitting around eating free pizza.


Best job ever. Totally not deserving of seven thumbs-downs.

You shouldn't be laughing, you just lost out on every teenager's dream job.

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