Video Game 'SWATter' Faces Five Years In Prison

A 19 year old gamer is behind bars in Nevada accused of orchestrating a 'swatting' incident which saw armed police raid a victim's house, mistakenly under the impression that a murder had taken place.

Brandon Willson, known online as 'Famed God', is accused of calling Naperville, Illinois' police department falsely claiming to have witnessed a murder.

As a result, Naperville sent an armed response unit to the address in question and raided it.

Known as 'swatting' the prank has become common among those in the online gaming community as a form of revenge against one another.

The tactic has since reached a wider audience after a number of raids were caught live online as gamers had their homes and offices raided by large groups of heavily armed police.

Wilson is also being accused of hacking into two residents' games consoles as well as threatening a third saying that he would put the victim's father 'in debt for life'.

Swatting has become a major problem for US police and indeed Illinois State’s Attorney James Glasgow plans to create legislation that would make 'swatting' a felony in the state while also forcing those responsible to cover all financial costs associated with the falsely informed raid.

The most recent incident came after a prominent gamer on was 'swatted' live on his show with armed police raiding his house, terrifying his wife and children. The gamer then made a tearful plea to those watching to stop the practise.

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