Alcohol-Free Freshers Will Be Offered ‘Dry' Halls By Scottish University

Welcome A New Era Of Student Life: Tee-total Halls via Getty Images

Students at St Andrews University will be able to apply to live in tee-total accommodation from next year, as the institution aims to cater for those whose religion or health means they cannot drink.

The decision follows campaigning from the students' union and seeks to provide safer and more supportive environments for its students.

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Although students will be required to sign a contract not to drink, prospective freshers can rest assured they won’t be forced to live in the new flats.

Pat Mathewson, President of the university’s Students' Association, said: "Our residential services have decided they will offer a small section and then see what the uptake is like. We're always in favour of anything that will make our students more comfortable.”

"By no means are any students going to be forced into student accommodation they haven't asked for."

The university will enforce strict rules for those who choose this type of accommodation. Their website states: “If you accept your offer of alcohol free accommodation you will have entered into an agreement not to drink alcohol in your apartment. If you do so you will be moved to another residence/apartment of our discretion.”

Offers for these flats will begin from next year whilst the university trials the scheme. Universities in Bristol, Swansea and Cork have similar alcohol-free housing, whilst a number of other institutions offer zones where drinking is prohibited.

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