Get Rid Of Spots Overnight: This Model's Tips

Supermodels suffer from sudden spot breakouts, just like the rest of us, but have you ever wondered how they manage to get rid of them before a big shoot or stint on the catwalk the next day?

Model Suzanne Diaz has revealed her secret to removing blemishes overnight. She filmed this how to video with Into The Gloss and if you're desperate to know her top tip (which also happens to be super easy), it's worth giving it a watch...

Diaz recommends using a cotton bud to apply her two key products - hydrogen peroxide followed by Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - directly onto the spot area before going to sleep. The idea is this skincare combination will shrink and dry out blemishes overnight leaving you spot-free when you wake up in the morning. Suddenly, keeping skin looking clear sounds so easy.

Never heard of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion? Beauty Bay stocks the bestseller for £14.50.

And if you want to try and avoid spots all together, the foods you eat can also help with a glowing complexion. From broccoli and chilli peppers to almonds and pumpkin seeds, find out the top 10 foods to give you radiant skin in our gallery below: