London Scout Is Our New Style Hero On Instagram, Despite Being Just Three Years Old


Once in a while, someone comes along who makes you seriously re-think your wardrobe situation.

Today, that person is three-year-old model and style maverick London Scout.

Blogged "little superhero" featuring this gorgeous @hucklebones cape.

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The mini model, fashion blogger and all-round cutie is becoming something of a sensation on the internet. And we can certainly see why.

Her blog, Scout The City, is run by mum, Sai De Silva, 34, who posts about kiddie fashion inspiration as well as updates on their city life.

The mother-daughter duo are incredibly gorgeous and sweet, which is why it's unsurprising that Scout's Instagram account has now hit over 50K followers.

De Silva wrote on their blog: "I baked this little feisty, witty, humorous being in my belly for 36.5 weeks until she decided to make an appearance super early. I’ve never been early in my life so I have no clue where she got that from."

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, De Silva says that she first started Scout's Instagram page when her daughter was just six months old. For the 34-year-old mum, it was a way to reduce "over posting" of baby photos on her Facebook page.

"Most of my friends don't have children," she says. "So seeing my child pop-up on their feed every five minutes can be a little ridiculous."

Adorable Scout soon built up a steady Instagram following. Then, a year ago, De Silva sent photos of her daughter to a modelling agency and got a call back within 48 hours.

When it comes to their blog and Instagram feed, Scout's mum makes it 100% clear that it's always her writing and editing their posts, not her toddler, adding: "Don’t worry, we are working on tracing her letters and numbers so she will be writing before you know it!"

She's also responsible for styling her daughter - although, she admits, they do sometimes clash: "I usually pick out a few options and she will choose from my selections. Sometimes we run into a few creative differences."

Whether she's rocking a pink prom dress with trainers and a bomber jacket, or turned up jeans and a chic cocoon coat, we can't help but feel majorly inspired by little Miss Scout.

So what's next for the youngster? "We've had an overwhelming response to the articles posted about London and our blog. Most of the feedback has been so kind, positive and supportive," reveals Scout's mum.

"Hopefully we can collaborate with a few designers and create a line for rock star kids around the world. The sky’s the limit!"

Our ovaries can't quite cope...

Sometimes I wanna borrow my 3 year olds outfit. (Kanye shrug).

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#paparazzied in Stella McCartney from @minimodelgallery (oldie but goodie). Tap for outfit details.

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