Rita Ora: 'Calvin Harris Split Made Me Snap Out Of 'Love Fantasy'

Rita Ora has spilled the beans about her split from Calvin Harris, admitting that the break-up made her re-evaluate things.


The pair dated for over a year until splitting in June of last year, following the release of their collaborative single, ‘I Will Never Let You Down’.

The singer, who is about to star as Mia Grey in ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, is currently working on her sophomore album and admits that her split from Calvin made her snap out of the "love fantasy" she'd been living.

Rita Ora

“I had been fixated on this love fantasy, but really it wasn't like that, and I had to take myself back.”

She goes on to say that following the truth she would have more “depth” and “honesty” to her music, adding: “For me, this was my moment where I had to be real and tell the truth and be honest.

“I love my pop songs, and I'm still gonna be pop, but this has just got a lot more depth to it.”

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris last year

At first, it looked as though Calvin and Rita had split amicably, until she let it slip in an interview that he had thrown the brakes on her performing their collaboration at an awards show.

He later defended himself on Twitter, and though he wouldn’t explain why he didn’t want her to perform it, he assured his followers that he had “damn good reason” for refusing permission for her to sing it.

Earlier this month, she admitted she "didn't care" about any of her ex-boyfriends enough to sing about them on her forthcoming release.

Read Rita's full interview in the new issue of Nylon magazine.

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