NASA's Jedi Astronaut Portrait Is Official, And Incredible


NASA's Expedition 45 crew have released their official portrait before they head up to the International Space Station and it is quite clearly incredible.

The crew have gone full Star Wars, complete with Jedi costumes and Lightsabers. In the background are an eclectic mix of real-world spacecraft with those from the hugely popular sci-fi universe including the Death Star.

In the roster you'll find Commander Scott Kelly, Flight Engineer Oleg Kononenko, Flight Engineer Mikhail Kornienko, Flight Engineer Sergey Volkov, Flight Engineer Kjell Lindgren and Flight Engineer Kimiya Yui.

While most of the crew will be spending a matter of months on the station, Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Mikhail Kornienko will become the 'One Year Crew', spending a year without breaks on board the station.

What's heart-warming about the whole thing is that firstly, this is NASA's official crew portrait, so none of that solemn standing in a row as though you're waiting for a school photograph.

Secondly, it's that this is by no means the first time that NASA has let its astronauts have some fun with their crew expedition portraits. Just look at Expedition 42's:

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