13/02/2015 05:26 GMT | Updated 13/02/2015 05:59 GMT

North West Cries On The Front Row At Kanye West's Fashion Show, Cue Awkwardness For Kim Kardashian And Side-eye From Beyoncé And Anna Wintour (PICS)

Poor North West, one minute she’s at home playing in New York, the next she’s forced to sit through Kanye West’s Adidas fashion show.

We don’t blame her for bursting into tears.

kim kardashian north west

Oh, North...

The tot joined a number of celeb attendees at Kanye’s show on Thursday night, and after happily playing for a while, she perched on Kim Kardashian’s lap, between Beyoncé and Anna Wintour.

However, North clearly wasn’t feeling her dad’s collection, and proceeded to cry, throw her arms in the air, and generally make her distaste known, in a way that would surely make Kanye proud. He’s not exactly one for sitting back quietly now, is he?

kim kardashian north west

This is one way of getting out of a family engagement we haven't

While Kim attempted to awkwardly depart the show midway through, Beyoncé and Anna offered their support and helping hands gave some serious side-eye and did their best to ignore the fracas.

As hilarious as this is, would it really have been that difficult for Bey to at least look a little sympathetic? No, it would not.

kim kardashian north west

North soon found out that the pre-show fun and games were going to be the highlight of the evening

It has got us thinking though, and wouldn’t runway shows be more interesting if everyone showed their distaste a la North?

Photos of celebs trying to look interested in clothes - but mainly looking bored - are sooo 2014.

Nori, we think you’re onto something.

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