Souvenirs From Your Ex: Gay Men Share The Stories Behind Old Relationship Keepsakes

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Break-ups are renowned for being incredibly crap. With the only consolation being that you might get to keep a souvenir (or two) of your time spent together.

But even that small and inanimate - or sometimes animate - object can harbour many memories and feelings that you don't necessarily want to hold on to.

Now, a collaborative project between Hello Mr, a magazine for gay men, and photographer Sam Evans-Butler aims to unearth the stories and emotions behind relationship souvenirs.

“When Sam pitched the idea to editor Ryan Fitzgibbon, the story really spoke to him because he himself had a ‘souvenir’ from his ex and felt that this was a story that would speak to a lot of people,” assistant editor Francisco Tirado told BuzzFeed News.

“In these simple stories, the series explores that peculiar fondness we feel for an object, despite the not-so-fond feelings we might not have for the person associated with it.”

From precious stones and stuffed huskies to the entire series of Will & Grace (now that's what we call an epic keepsake), here are the entries - and their moving stories - which have been shared so far...

Got a story to share? Instagram a picture of your relationship souvenir with #YourSouvenir.

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