Change My Mind: Is It Time We Stopped Celebrating Valentine's Day?

As we're sure you're aware, Saturday is Valentine's Day.

For some, it's a time to celebrate togetherness, love and commitment.

For other happy couples across the world, it's a day to engage in the swapping of expensive gifts and overpriced chocolate and get in everyone's faces with all sorts of unacceptable public displays of affection.

So, is it time we just abandoned this over-marketed charade? Or is Valentine's Day an important day for us all to be grateful for our loved ones?

Our blogs editorial assistant Jessie Thompson think so. "We need to find new ways to think about love that don't imply that placing the burden on one single person to provide your life-long supply of happiness is in any way realistic," she writes.

However, our deputy blogs editor Charlie Lindlar disagrees. He think that Valentine's Day is important: "I see no harm in spending an extra day paying special attention to the most important person in my life. If you don't want to do the same, then your beef is probably with something larger than old Saint Valentine."

What do you think? Can they change your mind? Read their blogs below and cast your vote...