17/02/2015 15:42 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Guilt: A New Mum's Must-Have Accessory


I remember being guilt-ridden when during my son William's second night on the planet. I allowed the nurses to watch him for a few hours so I could get some sleep. I felt terrible because it proved I wasn't coping already, didn't it?

At three weeks, after enduring the hell of mastitis, my mother insisted I let her feed a bottle to him, instead of letting him try to suckle my inflamed boobs. My chest felt like two bags of rocks and razors but I still felt guilty that I wasn't able to easily do what is supposed to come naturally – the boob brigade had told me he'd refuse my melons for ever if I offered him a bottle too early (he didn't).

For the first year of motherhood I carried around guilt like a festering nappy bag for the following reasons:

Drinking two margaritas on my first girls' night out when he was only six weeks old.

Giving him a name that is very boring instead of something wild like Ryder or Hudson.

Letting him roll off the bed while I was checking my email - twice.

Thinking that it would be more fun to dress him if he was a girl.

Telling a friend I thought, that in a certain light, he looked like Yoda from Star Wars.

Wishing he would just shut the #Slideshow-84768%