This "Back To The Future: Part 2" DeLorean iPhone 6 Case Is Everything We Hoped For

It's actually quite hard to imagine an iPhone case that's as impractical as it is desirable.

Despite all this, Bandai's "Back To The Future: Part 2" iPhone 6 case might just be the iPhone case we've been waiting for.

So what if it's enormous and bulky? Who cares if you can't actually use the camera without moving the bonnet out of the way?

The fact is you won't care because what you'll be holding in your hand is a DeLorean iPhone case that lights up.

Now for the bad news, it won't be available in the UK. Sadly this is a Japan-only case so if you're looking to get your hands on one of these pointless-but-amazing cases you'll need to start searching eBay around June 2015 when they're scheduled for release.