20/02/2015 05:29 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Why Mums And Dads Get Nothing Done (Video)

YouTube/Esther anderson

Mums and dads can spend all day tidying, dusting and washing, and yet the house still looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a year.

Why is that?

Short answer: Kids.

Long answer: Children don't intend to be a nuisance, but when they see you putting clothes away in drawers they think: 'I know what needs to be done next!

'I've spent many a happy minute putting different shaped blocks into holes, and then mum will helpfully take them all out again so I can begin the fun again. Now's my chance to return the favour!'

Children also know that you like cupboard doors shut - they've heard you moaning about things being left open often enough - so when they try to shut the dishwasher as you are in the process of stacking it they are only trying to speed up the whole process so you can get back to your fun clothes sorting game sooner.

Adorable proof of the havoc caused by children's 'help' was caught on camera by Thad and Esther Anderson in this funny clip which shows their baby daughter Ellia's daily antics:

This isn't the first time Thad and Esther have captured Ellia's adventures on camera. They've previously brought us these gems of parenting videos: Why co-sleeping is no sleeping and How to escape a sleeping baby.

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