The Funniest Oscars 2015 Tweets: Twitter Has A Field Day With John Travolta, Lady Gaga And More

Yes, Sunday night was Oscar night! If you were able to watch it, that is:

Over on Twitter, however, people were ready:

And those rich, healthy people were out in force:

So who was up for an Academy Award?

Before the ceremony itself, however, there was the matter of the red carpet:

Although some stars were in the wrong place...

Meanwhile, back in the auditorium:

The annual 'In Memorium' video was shown:

A video which infamously omitted the late, great Joan Rivers:

This year's Academy Awards script didn't go down a storm, unfortunately:

Indeed, one critic wasn't happy with ANY of it:

But the first real star of the night was, without doubt, John Travolta:

Closely followed by John Legend and Common...

...whose performance moved Chris Pine to tears:

Lady Gaga's medley of songs from 'The Sound Of Music' - and the appearance of Dame Julie Andrews herself - proved to be one of the night's most memorable moments:

The big winner of actual awards, however, was 'Birdman':

Certain winners - and their speeches - were particularly popular:

Although others were a little problematic:

But while this year's Oscars wasn't exactly the most diverse... least it was vaguely political:

Donald Trump still wasn't happy:

Nor was Sean Hannity:

And then, just like that, it was all over:

The morning after the night before, however, we think these British tweeters summed it up best:

Indeed. See you same time next year, guys?

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