Cambridge Student Elections Begin With Comical Candidate Milo Edwards

A Cambridge University student running for President of Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU) has released a satirical manifesto and campaign video.

Fourth year management student Milo Edwards, who describes himself as writer and a comedian, has released a manifesto filled with a mixture of seemingly serious and openly comical policies, according to Cambridge student newspaper Varsity.

Some of his more humorous policies include, "a Reading week, during which all students must go to Reading", renaming Jesus Green "Professor Green" and building a network of canals "such that Cambridge will be known as The Birmingham of the Fens."

Most of the policies on his manifesto include comic twists but many appear to be serious proposals. Milo has also promised students free jam sandwiches throughout his campaign.

Edwards' aims include investigating the university for unethical investments, campaigning for Wednesday afternoons of so students can play sports and providing free tampons at CUSU.

Edwards' website also features improbable endorsements including one from "Milo's Mum" which states: "Milo has always been contrary, immature and ineffectual. He will make an excellent student's union president."

Running against Edwards are Katie Akers, Priscilla Mensa and Leo Kellaway, reports the Cambridge Tab.

Edwards' comic bid for the role of CUSU President follows the unlikely election of Louis Trup as the President of Oxford University Students' Union in 2013.

Trup's campaign pledges included constructing a monorail through Oxford and securing world peace and cited his personal qualities as studying Geography and wearing flip flops. Trup was ultimately elected in a landslide victory, winning 1,685 votes against his closest rival Jane Cahill, who managed 710.

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