Ed Balls Gives Cringeworthy Sex Life Interview On LBC

Balls Has Given The Most Cringeworthy LBC Interview In.... Hours?

In what might be the most cringeworthy LBC interview in, well, recent days, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls described himself as a "long slow burn" in bed and giggled as he speculated about the Mayor of London's sexual prowess.

Balls was asked about a Mumsnet discussion about the best political lovers, where Balls was described as a "sexy beast" by users of the site. LBC presenter Iain Dale conducted a vox pop on the streets of London, who alternatively described Balls as "quite attractive", with one suggesting he could "rock my world".

But another described the shadow chancellor as "a bit old for me".

"He's not unattractive but he's not attractive. Six out of 10?" another said. "Would I want to spend the night with him? Hmm, if I'm desperate, maybe," one of the interviewees said, painfully.

Ed Balls (R) and Yvette Cooper

Then this exchange happened:

Ed Balls: "I thought that started well but slightly fell away towards the end."

Iain Dale: "Is that what happens with you, it starts well but you slightly fade away?"

EB: "No, long slow burn."

ID: "How do you think that would go down with Yvette [Cooper, shadow home secretary and Balls' wife] - do you think she would relate to any of those comments?"

EB: "I think Nick Clegg showed why politicians shouldn't speculate on such matters so I think I won't go there. I've been surprised by this conversation, but ok, what the hell?"

ID: "Ed Miliband didn't get described as a sexy beast, was he a bit annoyed about that?"

EB: "It's another example of the return to our Blair-Brown bad relationship. 'I can't believe you're a sexy beast not me', what a load of tosh."

ID: "Boris Johnson - people in the survey reckon he would be fun in bed..."

EB: "I'm desperately trying to hold back on making libellous statements. Personally I don't know if Boris Johnson's fun in bed."

'Sexy beast' Ed Balls

Anne from Oldham, who called in to the show after the boisterous exchange, described the show as "49-and-a-half-shades of grey".

"Anne, if you want to come and fill in the other half any time..." Balls smiled, looking suggestively at the studio camera.

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