02/03/2015 06:19 GMT | Updated 02/03/2015 06:59 GMT

Bristol Man Nigel Yates Has Come Up With The Best Name For His Plumbing Firm

Snapped by Liz Booker in Bristol, this Facebook photo has introduced us - and hopefully now the rest of the world - to possibly the greatest name of any plumbing firm, ever.

Yes, it's Nigel Yates Plumbing Department. Or, rather:

It's almost like he went into the plumbing business just so he could make this joke.

And the only thing that could possibly top all this? That, as the company's website shows, they even use the NYPD slogan 'To protect and serve - albeit with a slight twist':

We're sure that there's an 'NYPD loo' joke to be worked in here somehow... But in the meantime, we'll just say: nice work, Nigel. Nice work.