Hen Party Called 'Cheap Chav Trash' By Restaurant After They Left A Bad Review

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A Manchester restaurant appears to have deleted its social media accounts after they launched a vicious tirade in response to a scathing one-star review on Facebook.

Melissa Grogan-Morgan, 27, was celebrating her hen night with 17 friends at 47 King Street West but didn't think much of the service.

One of the bride-to-be's friends left a one-star review on their Facebook page with a complaint about the attitude of the staff.

Other messages included:

"Wouldn’t know fine dining if it slapped them in their ugly faces! Best thing ever is that they won’t return! Bottom of the barrell.

"And five out of 18 of them turned up 1 hour and 10 minutes after the booking time and 'expected' fresh starters...are you having a laugh... Clearly never eaten out in a decent restaurant in their lives. What absolute trash they were. We pity the groom!

"Selective knowledge again...just the lowest of the low looking for a reduction on the bill.

"Known tactics from trash like this!

"Conveniently also ignored the no confetti policy at the restaurant that they were told about... They littered the place with their rubbish so every guest after them had to suffer their trash! #nomorecheaphenparties.

"Chav cheap trash hen party! Turned up over an hour late. Booked for 10 then were 20. Never seen fine dining in their lives. The bottom of the barrell of Society!

"Peasants wanting something off the bill as usual!"

Despite the apparent deletion of their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the eatery's TripAdvisor page - riddled with harsh responses to bad reviews - is still available.

In reply to a complaint about dry turkey at a Christmas meal, manager Barry H. said: "Next year maybe it is a good idea to enjoy your Christmas dinner at KFC - they may offer you the level of service you are seeking."

Bride-to-be Melissa, who also posted a review and got a scathing response, told Manchester Evening News: "I’m just in complete disbelief at how rude and arrogant they have been - it’s left a bit of a shadow over the whole occasion.

"It’s absolutely shocking customer service - if I’d have treated a customer like that at work I’d have been sacked. I can’t imagine talking to anyone like that never mind a paying customer.

"We spent a lot of money were them only to receive a flood of abuse."

Maid of honour Lynsey Herron said: "They were awful things to say, it’s not like we were rowdy or carrying inflatable willies and blow-up dolls.

"We were treated with disdain and aggression the moment we got through the door but nothing could have prepared us for these messages."

The restaurant have been approached for comment.

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