Jon Stewart Kicked WWE Wrestler Seth Rollins In The Nuts On 'Monday Night Raw'

52-year-old host of 'The Daily Show'Jon Stewart isn't exactly the kind of guy you'd expect to be able to floor a professional wrestler but then this happened...

The veteran satirist delivered a swift and effective kick straight into pro-wrestler Seth Rollins' crown jewels.

The penis-pummeling came after weeks of trash talk between the two, with Rollins dissing Stewart when he announced he would leave 'The Daily Show'.

"I am the most talented performer in the entire world," Rollins said. "I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and there’s nobody or nothing that can stop me... I could take over as host of The Daily Show for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable."

To which Stewart replied: "Seth Rollins, you've made a lot of mistakes in your life… but this is the biggest mistake you've ever made by coming after The Daily Show. You just stepped in a world of hurt my friend."

So Rollins crashed the set during taping of 'The Daily Show'...

Even though the entire back-and-forth is about as obviously fake as all of pro-wrestling, we still couldn't wait to see the moment Jon Stewart finally put Rollins in his place. And he did.

Kudos, Jon.