Transgender Models Create Calendar To Overcome Prejudice In Indian Society

Transgender Models Create Calendar To Fight Prejudice
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Transgender people in India regularly come up against intense prejudice, including both verbal and physical threats.

But in the face of that hostility, a group of trans models have come together in Delhi to create a new calendar celebrating their unique community.

With very few opportunities available for transgender people to enter the field of mainstream modelling, the group decided to promote transgender modelling themselves.

Rudrani Chettri, 28, who organised the calendar shoot, said: "Transgenders are treated very unfairly in this country. There is very little available for us.

"So a couple of years back, we decided to form a group where we could encourage and support each other.

"We organise the shoot of this calendar every year. Since no one in the modelling circuit gives us any opportunities, this is the only way we can showcase our talent."

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Transgender Calendar

The fashion world has embraced the transgender community in recent years, with trans supermodels Andreja Pejic and Lea T achieving global fame for their catwalk prowess.

And the calendar models hope that the venture is the first step towards their acceptance by wider Indian society.

Alex Mona, 24, a transgender model who aspires to make it to Bollywood one day, said: "Nobody can foretell how far will this attempt go at breaking the social norms which are overloaded with prejudices against transgenders and the LGBT community.

"My dream is to become a successful actor. But I know that it will be difficult. I will not give up at any cost."

Noori, another aspiring transgender model, added: "I started knocking the doors of modelling agencies five years back. They never gave me any work.

"They make you feel so unwanted. So this calendar shoot is the best platform we have got."

And Chettri says that the trans models are starting to generate a wave of supporters.

He added: "People are recognising our work. We are on the right path and it just a matter of time before we are known for our talent."

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