iPad-Controlled 'Smart' Grill Can Cook A Perfect Steak Every Time

The Cinder is a smart grill in every sense of the word and one that comes with a bold claim, it'll not only cook the perfect rare steak, but it'll keep it that way for as long as you need.

Using two incredibly precise hot plates and a virtual thermometer the grill is designed to avoid 'overshoot', so it can cook to just the right amount and then 'hold' the food in that state for as long as you want.

Controlled via an iPad app, you simply enter in the type of food, weight and a few other key details and then simply tell Cinder how you want it cooked. It'll give you updates on what's happening and you can even add extra features like searing.

It's hard to fault a product that claims it can cook a perfect steak every time, of course the proof really will be in the pudding (or the cow) as Cinder isn't available to buy yet.

To even have a chance of finding out if this futuristic cooking appliance can live up to the hype you'll need to wait until early 2016 when it'll be shipping out to those who have pre-ordered.