Nutello The Pug May Be The Best-Dressed Dog On The Internet


Crufts may have just announced its Best In Show - but when it comes to internet pooches, we think Nutello the pug takes the prize. For this week, at least.

Yes, Nutello - who hails from Switzerland - may just be the best-dressed dog on the web. He's certainly the best-dressed dog on Instagram.

From comedy wigs to sharp suits, from French outfits to 'Star Wars' costumes, Nutello has got all the sartorial bases covered. Even when he's out on the slopes. That's a Swiss fashionista for you!

Check out just some of his looks below - and follow him on Instagram to keep up-to-date with his latest trends.

Pug life:

Gym style:

Casual Friday:

Karl Lagerfeld:

Princess Leia:


French romantic:


Snow style:

Seventies child:

Old skool:

Drinking Pugweiser:


Dressed to kill:

Turtleneck style:

Wigtastic again:

King of pugs:

The cast of Big Bang Theory:

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