MH370 Malaysia Airlines: Moist Towelette Branded With Airline's Logo Found On Western Australian Beach

A moist towelette bearing the logo of Malaysia Airlines found on a Western Australian beach is being tested to determine if it came from the missing flight MH370.

The unopened package was discovered in July on Cervantes, around 200km north of Perth by retired couple Kingsley and Vicki Miller.

The couple described the fact the package was unopened as “very unusual”.

The pair presented the package to the police who have since passed it to the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) in Canberra.

Nine News cites oceanographer Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi of the university of Western Australia as saying debris from the flight could wash up on any beach from Cervantes to Esperance.

The beach in question is 1850km from the MH370 search area

But it writes: “The JACC has refused to release a photograph of the original find and has withheld comment on the significance of the find.”

Australia’s Daily Telegraph cites experts as stating it would be possible for a package that small to travel long distances.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has previously examined items washed up on beaches in western Australia but concluded none have ever shed light on what happened, AFP reports.

The ATSB added: “It is unlikely, however, that such a common item with no unique identifier could be conclusively linked with MH370.”

The Boeing 777 and all 239 souls on board disappeared on 8 March last year.

No wreckage has ever been found, nor have any bodies, and the tragedy has become one of the most enduring mysteries of modern times.

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